the next gen methane emissions monitoring

fast, accurate, and Economically viable
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what we offer

Detect, visualize, and report methane emissions in real-time

optical gas imaging camera

Affordable Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) cameras that see the invisible gas leaks

gas detection analytics

Analyze camera data and provide visualized alerts in real-time

cloud software

Stream OGI camera video from anywhere, any device

Meet emission targets; Comply with regulations; Prevent lost revenue; reduce operational cost; Increase Saftey

easy install indoors/outdoors

Well pads

Storage tank

offshore platform

gas pipeline

gas transit station

refueling station

oiler advantages

a scalable gas detection solution
why oiler?

Named after Leonhard Euler (pronounced “Oiler”), a Swiss mathematician, physicist, astronomer and engineer who made important and influential discoveries in many branches of mathematics. Euler was one of the greatest mathematicians in history, and Euler’s identity: e^(iπ) + 1 = 0 is said to be the most beautiful formula in the world.